Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Era Dawns for Maryland Republicans!

Saturday, morning in Annapolis, Maryland, Central Committee Members from across the State of Maryland Overwhelmingly elected Sen. Alex Mooney to the position of Maryland Republican Party Chairman.  The election proves several points, one even in Montgomery County a Reagan Conservative can win.  Majority of the members of the MOCO GOP voted for Alex Mooney in both rounds of voting.  This was a pleasant surprise.

It is time we all come together as Republicans in Maryland and help Alex Mooney rebuild the MD GOP, raise funds, we need to a have a war chest 2x the size of the Democrats in Maryland.   In tandem let’s start identifying good Candidates for 2012, Congress and US Senate, and for 2014  County Council, County Executive, State Senate, House of Delegates, Comptroller, Attorney General and Governor.  Those of you who are interested in running say so NOW please don’t wait for 2014!  Let’s put the Maryland Democrats on offence now, NO, more should they enjoy free rides anywhere whether it be Takoma Park or Cumberland, we will engage them everywhere.

Furthermore we should run Republicans for the non-partisan mayoral and town council races in the many towns and cities across Maryland.  We need to start making the Democrats feel uncomfortable.   Right now Democrats operate in Maryland like crime lords in Mexico.   

We need to now start writing op-eds in our local papers, establish blogs and unleash the raw power of Technology and old fashion Boots on the Ground!  We may not win all the battles however we will be setting the stage to win the War.   Victory for us will not be an easy one and we must all work together now.   The Democrats can pick us off one-by-one, however if we unite they can’t pick all of us off.

We must now start organizing, individuals need to start hosting coffee’s for the Party, meet the Candidate events.   We must all play a part in this endeavor, without us the Party Leaders can’t do it alone.  We must all sign up and pledge to raise money for the MD GOP.  I will pledge to raise $5000 over the next year.  (I am only 17 with limited contacts) however if we all raise $5000 or even as little as $1000, it will fill the bucket up very fast.  Without the little streams we don’t have the mighty river!

So in closing my fellow Republicans Moderates and Conservatives let’s get on our feet and start raising money for the Party in 2011 as we celebrate the central of the Greats Post War President Ronald Reagan let us re-energize the Maryland GOP.  Let us all hold small centennial celebrations in our homes for the MD GOP!   

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