Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Case for Alex Mooney

On December 10th & 11th the Republican faithful will gather in Annapolis for the Maryland State Republican Convention.   This is an important convention hence this follows the disappointing loss of Gov. Ehrlich in the rematch with Gov. Tax, Barrow and Spend O’Malley.

Alex is the only Candidate in the field who has a proven track record of turning things around.  When Alex first ran for State Senate many said “he can’t win” he did win then and continued to win, until this past year when he fell victim to the Washington Post and George Soros attack machine. 

We must look to the future for new leadership in the Maryland GOP.  Mary Kane is a great lady, she is very accomplished, and might be able to do a good job as GOP Chair.  However Sen. Alex Mooney would be better choice.  This isn’t against Mary’s abilities; it is more looking at the Future in Maryland.  Sen. Mooney has worked with Conservative Icons like Morton Blackwell, David Keene and Paul Weyrich to name a few.  Sen. Mooney understands the nuts and bolts of building an organization from the ground up.  The Maryland GOP has sputtered over the past years like a ship without a rudder. 

Alex would be that rudder, that MD GOP so desperately needs.  We need to climb out of the deep whole that we find ourselves in today.   Alex understands rebuilding the party isn’t a two year or four year plan it is a continuing process that doesn’t end.  He understands the need to conduct voter registration drives during the off years.  He understands that you need to have candidates for all offices from Governor to Dog Catcher.  We should never again have a vacant State Wide slot open as we did this past year.  Alex understands we as Republicans need to engage the Democrats at every level, challenge them in every county, every township, no more giving the democrats a free pass so that they can spend their campaign war chests in closes races against Republicans.  The Democrats need to be made felt uncomfortable.

These are the Reasons Red Montgomery Blog has strongly endorsed Sen. Alex Mooney for Maryland GOP Chair.  I encourage GOP Central Committee members across the state Vote next Saturday for the Future and cast their Vote for Alex Mooney.

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