Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maryland Political Year End Awards!

Biggest Star of 2010: - Congressman Elect Harris – MD - 1

Congressman Elect Andy Harris.  Andy ran in Maryland’s 1st Congressional district in a race many of the establishment Republicans worked against him.  Andy overcame the onslaught of the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, decisively won his the 1st Congressional District.

Rising Star in Maryland Politics for 2011: Sam Hale and Chairman Alex Mooney

After much deliberation I feel both deserved this award.  Alex for winning the Chairman’s race.  Same Hale get’s this award because he represents the Future leader of Conservatives; Alex is the present leader for Conservatives in Maryland. 

Destined for irrelevancy in 2011:  Tony Campbell, Chairman Baltimore County Republican Party

Tony managed for some reason to get elected Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.  Considering he headed up Republicans for Obama, need I say more?

Dan Zubairi

Most Irrelevant political hack of 2010: Dan Zubairi,

Do I really need to explain this one?

Biggest mover and shaker of 2010: Maryland Tea Partiers & Patriots

Maryland Tea Partiers were key in the pickups we had in the House of Delegates and the election of Andy Harris to the 1st Congressional District and the election of our New Chairman Alex Mooney.

Maryland’s Man of the Year:  David Marks

David Marks ran for the Baltimore County Council in a district that was won by Barrack Hussein Obama in 2008.  David put in long hours into his race, in knocking on doors and raising money.  He put his personal life on hold.  Last November to many stunned Democrats in Baltimore County David was elected to the County Council.

Good Job David.  

Maryland’s Woman of the Year:  Katja Bullock

Katja Bullock ran the Montgomery County Campaign for Bob Ehrlich for Governor.  She had a thankless job.   She was attacked by arm-chair pundits for not knowing what she was doing.  Not once did Katja ever complain she just did her Job.  In addition she brought in new people into Republican Politics like yours truly and recruited a number of great candidates for races in Maryland this past year.

Best Political Blog of 2010: Red Maryland  

Informative, entertaining and Accurate, go visit the blog for yourself at link below.

Worst Political Blog of 2010:  Salisbury News

If you read the blog you’d agree.

Best Campaign Website of 2010: Andy Harris for Congress

-      http://www.andyharris.com well designed, logical flow.

Worst Campaign Website of 2010: David Marks for Council

-      David Marks for Council - http://votedavidmarks.com  this sight is just ugly it looks like a kid did the site.  Granted the sight is informative the color scheme makes you want to run away from the website.    The site was slow and clunky.  Only good thing I can say about the website design is it didn’t have a ton of flash.

With all that said David did win his seat on the Baltimore County Council.  Congratulation again Councilman Marks

Best Republican Central Committee Website:  Cecil County Republican Central Committee

Site layout very well, very logically placed information.  Information on site is current and loads well on all browser types.  http://www.cecilgop.com  This is the Gold Standard for all County Central Committee Sites in Maryland.  Just a note for those who will brag about the coolness on the backend, sorry to say the back end can be very cool, however if the site is an eye sore, or hard to navigate you may as well of built the site in html 1.0.

Worst Republican Central Committee Website:  Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee

PG GOP website is one static page with a picture.  The sight is void of any information other than when the next meeting will be.  How about telling us where and what time?  Please invest in your website PG GOP!

Also to note all those counties that don’t have a website, you need a website.  You need one in this day and age.  A Facebook page isn’t a website.

The Next Ronald Reagan:  (this is for the most transformative person who can move conservatives forward) Coming THURSDAY!

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