Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Montgomery Launches Today!

Red Montgomery Launches today!  We’d like to Congratulate Governor Bob Ehrlich and Mary Kane on their big Primary win.   Everyone knows this fall the biggest issue facing Maryland is JOBS!   Maryland’s unemployment rate has more than doubled since Governor Ehrlich left in 2006.  The state Debt has more than doubled, considering we had a surplus during the Ehrlich years! 

When Bob becomes Governor he will need the help of Good Republicans in the State Senate, that is why I ask if you live in Montgomery County please volunteer for to help one of the below State Senate Candidates.
·         Robert Smith in District 39 -
·         Kurt Osuch in District 18 -
·         Donald Irvine in District 19 –
We will be highlighting more races as the days go by.
If you are a candidate and would like to be featured here please send email to

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  1. As candidate for Maryland Delegate District 16, and recently elected to serve on the Republican central committee, I has been pleasure for me getting to know other conservatives in Maryland. I am confident that we can make gains in the General Assembly this year. We have a great chance to pick up District 16 delegate seat this year with this being an open seat this year. Also District 16 has a history of electing Republicans at the local level. For more information about my campaign please go to my web-site
    Best of Luck to All,
    Meyer Marks
    Md Delegate District 16