Monday, September 20, 2010

Maryland’s Future

This November all Marylanders will have to make a big decision it’s not that hard, however some might have a more challenging time making this crucial decision.

Lets layout the issues:

Over the past four years we have seen our taxes almost double, unemployment almost doubled, we are all paying more a higher sales tax. We are losing hundreds of businesses every month. We have tried things their way for the past four years. Can anyone honestly say they are better off today than they were four years ago?

This is what we had under Governor Ehrlich, lower taxes, more jobs, business moving into Maryland (Ritz Carrolton to name one) the list could go on forever.
Our sales tax was only 5% (one comment I have to make IT ISN’T JUST ONE PENNY IT IS 1%)

Jobs & the Economy:

100 Percent increase in unemployment from 2006 to 2010

211,000 Number of Marylanders currently unable to find a job

Jobs & the Economy:

100 Percent increase in unemployment from 2006 to 2010

211,000 Number of Marylanders currently unable to find a job

3,000 Maryland small businesses closed under Martin O’Malley

1,200 Maryland jobs lost when Black & Decker moved

300+ Potential Maryland jobs lost when Northrop Grumman moved to Virginia

300 Maryland jobs lost when BP Solar closed this year

540 Maryland jobs lost when Solo Cup closed

45th Maryland’s ranking among the 50 states in The Tax Foundation’s survey of business tax climates

0.018 Total reduction in Maryland’s jobless rate if Martin O’Malley’s much-touted jobs tax credit works

0 Net new jobs created under the O’Malley Administration

Budget & Taxes (From Ehrlich for Maryland website)

$22 billion Four-year spending increase under Martin O’Malley compared to four years under Bob Ehrlich.

$8 billion Four-year structural deficit Martin O’Malley will leave the next Governor.

$6.4 billion New taxes enacted by Martin O’Malley, including sales tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax, real estate tax, solar energy tax, vehicle excise tax, and vehicle titling tax.

$3.6 billion Cost to taxpayers of two new transit projects promised by Martin O’Malley when the State has no money to pay for them.

$1 billion The cash reserve left to Martin O’Malley by Bob Ehrlich.

$1 billion Increase in debt under Martin O’Malley, despite denying that he ever “borrowed from the future.”

$1,608 Every Marylander’s share of Maryland’s debt obligations, nearly twice that of citizens in neighboring Virginia.

20% Percent increase in Maryland’s sales tax under Martin O’Malley

43 The number of new services likely to be taxed next year if Maryland’s current political leaders are re-elected. New sales tax will be put on cell phones, gym memberships, cleaning services, tax preparation, and other services.

18% Percent increase in Maryland’s corporate income tax under Martin O’Malley.

So, ask yourself do you really want to continue the radical O’Malley-Obama Agenda that has bankrupted our Country and State? Remember the difference between a recession and a depression is, if your neighbor loses his job it’s a Recession; When you lose your job it’s a Depression, with that said when Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown lose their jobs in Annapolis and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid lose their jobs it is the start of a recovery.

Lastly ask yourself are you better off today than you were four years ago?

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