Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why is State Senator Brian Frosh Lying about Jerry Cave?

Brian frosh has been representing MD-16 since 1994.  Over the past 16 years Brian has never fought for District 16 and Montgomery County, unlike his predecessor Sen. Howard Denis who was in the mold of beloved Rep. Connie Morella. 

Frosh has rolled over for the special interests in Baltimore and Annapolis at the detriment to Montgomery County.  We have seen our property taxes go through the roof over the past 16 years; new taxes on Cell Phones (highest in the state), county permits and fees have gone up as well.  

One of the reasons for our taxes being too high other than we have a county council that spends money that would make a drunken sailor blush.  Montgomery County back in 1992 back when Howard Denis was our Senator in 16, we got 22 cents back for every dollar we put it.  22 cents wasn’t great however you don’t need to be a mathematician to know that 22 cents back is better than .18 cents back, Brian why have we lost 4 cents under your watch in district 16? 

Now if that was the worst thing Brian has done in Annapolis it wouldn’t be so bad however, After Hurricane Isabel in 2003 Brian Frosh blamed Pepco for the power loss.   Brian frosh has a personal distained for free market capitalism, he is responsible for so many regulations I can’t even list them all.  Brian Frosh supports an increase in the State Gas Tax (which is one of the highest in the country).  Brian Frosh supports the radical environmentalist agenda.  He opposed the ICC, he supports the Purple, which will displace businesses and cause increase gridlock. 

We in Montgomery County have one of the worst commutes in the country; Mass Transit isn’t the answer to our traffic problems.  If you look at the Reason Foundation (non-partisan think tank) they conclude Mass Transit is just one part of congestion relief.  Brian opposes anything that smacks of innovation, all he wants to do is ban cars, and he supports a London Style tax on drivers.  He doesn’t want to try things like building more roads, using hot lanes, widening roads or the use of over passes and under passes to better the flow of traffic.

Now if the above wasn’t enough reason to FIRE Brian Frosh Tuesday here is one last thing, he Opposed Jessica’s Law.  Brian Frosh has been lying about his support of the law. Furthermore, he treated the victims in a demeaning manner. Just this reason alone is enough to not vote for Brian Forsh Tuesday.  However sadly there is more Brian Frosh supports giving Illegal Aliens Drivers Licenses and unemployment benefits. 

Now Brian Frosh when he can't run on his record what does he do, start telling lies about Jerry Cave his challenger this Tuesday.  The fact is Brian Frosh is too radical for District 16 and our families.  Frosh is in the back pocket of some the most extremist leftist groups in the State of Maryland and the Country here are a few of them,   SEIU, CASA de Maryland PAC, ACORN, MMFA, George Soros, MoveOn, ACT UP and every other radical group out there.  Brian Frosh hasn’t met a Leftist Radical he disagreed with.
So, next Tuesday for the Safety of our Children Vote for Jerry Cave for State Senate in District 16.


  1. I support Senator Frosh. He is a fighter for Montgomery County and District 16. All of the attacks that you mentioned (anti-ICC, pro-purple line.....) are all reasons I support him.

    Jerry Cave has run one of the dirtiest campaigns District 16 has ever seen. During the primary other parts of the county saw extremely negative campaigning, I was proud that we did not see that in our 13 way primary for the House of Delegates.

    Cave has gone above and beyond attacking Senator Frosh. There is zero chance that Cave will win which is why he has not run on anything he wants to do or his qualifications to be a State Senator. He has used this campaign to throw mud at Senator Frosh and attempt to mire his image as a progressive democrat. I consider myself a moderate democrat and have voted republican in the past. If you want my vote Jerry Cave tell me why you would do a better job then Senator Frosh. You have zero experience holding elective office or any involvement in politics at all. You are the editor of a fledgling online magazine. Frankly I am more concerned about jobs, transportation, and education then I am about my "home or garden."

    Jerry, you should be ashamed of yourself and I hope to never see someone like you run for public office again.

  2. Do you support Brian Forsh's socialist Agenda as well? Now how is pointing out the flaws in Brian’s record slinging mud? If you want to see mudslinging read Brian’s latest mailing, Calling Jerry a Gun nut, fact Jerry Cave doesn’t own a Gun, FACT Jerry Cave doesn’t belong to the NRA, or any other Gun Group. Fact Jerry Cave has more in common with Connie Morella and Howie Denis than he does with Glen Beck. So Sam is that even is your real name, I have suspicion this is Brian Frosh the man who likes to kill jobs and blame big business himself posting.