Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Nation v TEA Partiers - Scott O’Neil – Guest Commentary

Yesterday the “One Nation” rally was held at the Lincoln Memorial, the same location about a month ago the “TEA Partiers” had a rally.  Right off the bats there were key differences in the two groups. 

First let’s look at the “TEA Partiers” you know the groups the media portrays as all white hate mongers.  The TEA Partiers weren’t asking for anything from the Government, they want to limit the intrusion the Federal Government has in our day-to-day lives.   They wanted lower taxes and an end to Obama Care which economists have said, Obama Care will lead to much higher taxes and will collapse on itself the way the Soviet economy did in the late 80s.  Last note when they were here at the Mall they had about 100k people maybe a little more or little less.  The attendants were working folks, small business owners, moms and dads.  These attendants had no connection to any special interests.    These attendants didn’t leave trash on the ground nor did they trash the national mall.

Now by contras let us look at the “One Nation” folks.  The key noticeable difference you saw when you arrived at the rally which was undeniable, between the two groups was one this was a much smaller group.  There was resentment and anger with this group.  They were all there to demand stuff from the Government like Jobs, The Environment, Education and Social Justice.   Let’s look at these demands:

Jobs:  I understand the job market has gone from bad to absolutely horrible since January 20, 2009.  However these people seem to think it is Government that creates jobs.  Newsflash Government shouldn’t be in the business of creating jobs directly.  More so they need to create a climate that business can flourish.  That means lower taxes and fewer regulations.   Government employees one are overpaid and under qualified for the most part.  Yes, there are some good government employees who actually take their job seriously however for the most part they are the 9 – 4ers in at 9 am out by 4, and stop doing any work at 3:00 pm.   There is no reason at all the Federal, State or local Government being the largest Employers.  The largest Employers should always be private sector businesses.

Clean Environment:  At last check we have some of the toughest EPA regulations in recent memory.  If anything we need to relax most them hence it is those same regs that prevent small businesses like Farmers from hiring more people, or purchasing equipment like a combine which sells for 100k+, a purchase of a combine and other farm equipment creates many downstream jobs.  Likewise when a farmer or any business stops purchasing downstream jobs are lost.

Education:  If all it took to improve public education was money than American Students would be second to none in the world.  We spend more on education than anyone else in the industrial world.  We have more than tripled spending on education since the early 1970s, however test scores are flat.  We hear teachers whine and moan about how they are paid like crap, you chose your profession, no one told you that you had to be a school teacher.  Let me remind everyone the average teacher makes about 65k which is for 9 months of work.  They get more days off than any other profession, the benefits and pensions are the envy of many others, yet they have the audacity to say they are under appreciated and under paid, GIVE ME A BREAK!  Then when you have someone like DC Mayor Democrat Adrian Fenty who took bold steps to improve public school education in DC by hiring real innovators like Michelle Rea as the chancellor of DC Public Schools, the teachers Unions and other labor unions attacked her for the bold steps she took to improve DC Public schools.  When she tried to fire bad teachers you had protests outside of her office by the parents, and the teachers unions.  The problem with education isn’t that we don’t spend enough money more so; the problem is the often ethically challenged teachers unions and the equally ethically challenge board of education and local politicians.

Social Justice:  Now this is comes right out of the pages of the Communist Manifesto.  I am perplexed on how Liberals, Progressives Democrats are more familiar with the works of Marx, Engle, Alinsky and other Communists than they are of the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the works of scholars like Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Adam Smith  and others.

I bet if you ask any of these radicals what Social Justice means they’d likely say it means sticking it to the rich guy.  They somehow in their distorted world view that anyone with money got it from stealing it from people like themselves.  Never mind they worked hard for their station in life. 

America is a great country; anyone can be anything they want to be, granted you are willing to work for it.  My Great Grand Dad emigrated from Ireland; he worked 3 jobs to send his son to college.  My Grand Dad is the first O’Neil to ever go to college, never once did Grand Dad feel he was entitled to anything, he worked hard for where he is in life.  Now you have people who have this entitlement mentality, somehow this screams of spitting in the face of people like my Grand Dad who worked hard for what they have.

Bottom line these One Nation folks were nothing more than Unions, Socialists and the Marxist Greens rallying at the Lincoln Memorial.  To quote Queen Pelosi they were Astroturf protestors that were organized by big labor, Move On, and DNC.

I am Scott O’Neil student at Georgetown University and I was at the Rally yesterday, I did feel threatened by some of the drunk union thugs that were present.  YES, THEY WERE DRUNK.

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