Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Red Montgomery Awards Sam Hale the “Next Reagan Award”

Congratulation to Sam Hale of Silver Spring, Maryland who was selected for our very first Next Reagan Award.  Sam was selected for all of his hard work during this past election cycle.  Sam worked tirelessly on the Murphy for Governor Campaign. (NOTE IN FULL DISCLOSURE:  I worked on the Ehrlich Campaign at Johns Hopkins University)  Sam never backed down from a fight, nor was he afraid to go against the grain of popular and conventional wisdom.  Sam isn’t afraid to make the tough decisions, even when they aren’t popular.
Everyone whom I spoke with said Sam is the ideal recipient.  Sam, like President Reagan stands firm on his principles and offers bold contras of ideas post to those who are marred in shades of light pastels.    
Sam isn’t afraid to articulate his opinions even when not popular with the masses.  He understands it is more important to be RIGHT than to be liked.
Once more congratulation Sam!   

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